• Alex de Jong

Speak in their zone

Do you know what time zone you're in when you speak?

Your audience processes information at a different pace than the words coming out of your mouth on stage.

Thanks to the wonderful chemical combination of Adrenaline and Cortisol pumping through your body during a speech, you probably experience time dilation whether you realise it or not...

Maybe it sounds like you're speaking at a reasonable pace, but your audience looks confused because you're too fast for them to comprehend.

The greatest gift you can give is #silence.

Pause after your point.... Give their brains the luxury of a few seconds to process what you've just said before continuing.

It may seem like forever to you, but that 3 seconds you paused were probably 2 seconds in reality. Remember: you're in different time zones.

Your audience will be grateful and you'll walk off stage with a huge smile on your face because you made the stage your own and spoke to their zone.