• Alex de Jong

Should you memorise you next speech?

2009, I rehearsed speeches word-for-word

2012, I rewrote and redrafted for hours

2015, I wrote only one or two words per point

2018, I wrote only a single sentence per speech

2019, I write nothing and internalise one sentence

Of all my pitches, poetry, speeches, talks, training, meetings I've had this year, the ones where I improvise and internalise have led to the best results.

Life is improvisation, there's no script to prepare you for the first date, first child or first sale.

You get more of a connection, more affection and less rejection when you can be fluid and not stuck with the next word to say.

Have you ever tried improvising your talk recently?

When was the last time you internalised?

What are your thoughts on memorisation?