• Alex de Jong

Ideas are infectious

Do your ideas spread like a virus?

Great speeches throughout history are NOT a series of swiftly forgotten PowerPoint slides consigned to the memory dustbin, before our audience moves on to the next shiny attention thief.

Great speeches have ONE great idea within them. Ideas are infectious! HOW?

  1. Ideas get under the skin of our audience;

  2. Ideas become attached to our existing thoughts, feelings and beliefs;

  3. Our audience makes our ideas their own, then they go out and spread them to others.

Whether it's MLK's "I have a dream" or Simon Sinek's "Start with Why", the viral effect of these talks all began with a singular idea.

Speeches are simply another form of marketing. We have viral videos, music, adverts, books and social media campaigns. In an age where everything can be Tweeted, Instagrammed and uploaded to YouTube, the ideas in your speech can spread to millions around the globe and get under their skin so that they take action.

"But Alex, I don't want to be the next JFK. I simply want to present our company's quarterly finance report..."

"That's cool. Even an internal financial presentation can have a viral effect within your company. Before you prepare your slides, start off with the ONE idea for your colleagues and ONE action you want them to take as a result"