• Alex de Jong

Give more!

Do you have more energy at the end of your working day, than when you woke up? 🤔

If not - give more!

Yesterday, I broke the barrier. 8 and a half hours spent coaching 5 clients back-to-back... Strangely, I was more energised at the end of the day than when I woke up ⚡


Because my sole focus was on the people in the room: airplane mode, complete presence and empathetic listening.

However, the ONE Thing I did was make sure that they walked out the door, better than when they came in: better pitch, better slides, better script.... most importantly, they all left smiling and saying thank you 😁😇

Whatever you do at work, focus on the people you're helping 100%.

Give everything you can to make sure they get the result they came in for and when they walk out the door, you'll be more energised....