• Alex de Jong

Charts as easy as ABC

Dejan Stojanovic makes it as easy as ABC.

Take a look at the photo below and after 0.7 seconds you probably understand the slide.

Easy as ABC, because it's:

✔️ A - Appealing: Use a black background with white text and lines, so that your graph is easy on the eyes.

✔️ B - Bold: It's clear what the graph stands for with only eight boldly-chosen words, a swoosh dataline and no numbers on the slide. Less is more because it's bolder than an overload of numbers and text. ✔️

C - Conversational: Don't expect to put up a graph on a slide and you're audience will just "get it".

Dejan talked to us about what the learning curve is and why it's important to Fuck Up in business. He created a conversation with us about his passion and purpose.

❓ D - Data: Where does the data behind the numbers come from? To be fair, the point wasn't to present an academic study or a financial plan. However, make sure that you offer some sort of proof, if not hard data then examples, anecdotes or demonstrations.