• Alex de Jong

Don't drop your name

Do you want to be like everybody else or do you want to be engaging and memorable?

A safe, surefire way to bore your audience into NOT listening to a single word you say and not investing in you is to start your speech saying: "Hello, My name is...."

That's how 9 out of 10 of Austria's most exciting start ups, started their pitches at last week's pitching contest. Exciting start ups, without an exciting start.

One week later, I remember the man who started off saying: "We're here to save your brain from information drain and fake news"

BOOM! We're hooked. You've won our attention for the next 2 minutes.

WHY? Because your first words have given us a reason to listen to you. You've shown us that you respect our time.

"But, Alex in Austria, it's impolite if you don't introduce yourself" 😲

"Your value proposition is you introducing yourself in a more engaging way.

Starting off saying "Hello, my name is...", when someone has already said your name, you're wearing a name tag and you probably have a slide with your name on is WASTING EVERYONE'S TIME! It's actually the most impolite thing you can do. We've mentally switched off because you're not respecting our time and attention."

Make your value proposition your new starting sentence and stop saying "Hello, my name is..."

Would you like more create a winning value proposition to start your next speech with?

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