the wow effect

Would you like to create a WOW Effect whenever you speak on stage, in a meeting or whilst pitching your idea?


What if you could engage employees and partners with interesting ideas instead of bland and boring slides?


You'll be able to stand up taller and more confidently knowing that your presentations will win sales, generate investment, boost morale, improve your prospects for a promotion, achieve your business goals faster and create a positive team spirit.

The WOW Effect in Public Speaking is designed for executives, employees and entrepreneurs so that they don't crash and burn; instead their speeches create sparks and fireworks with a winning mindset and create a WOW whenever they speak.

Your trainer and coach Alex de Jong has developed this concept from a cocktail of insights, mixing the latest research in: competitive psychology, emotional awareness, dramaturgical analysis, NLP, rhetoric and mindfulness.


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"Alex is not only a friend of words and fine speeches, he is a man of action.

If you want things done, go find Alex!"

—  Dr. Thomas Rose, Business Consultant




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